Managing your gifts biblically, ethically, transparently, responsibly, and accountably.

Surprised by Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious and charitable organization founded in the United States and operating in Uganda, Kenya, and Greece. Bylaws and constitutions, along with Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies, govern our board of directors and our day-to-day activities. An audit of financial policies and accounts is conducted annually.

YES, I want to be part
of bringing freedom from poverty
in Africa and in Europe!

Your gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Ministry Program Designation

Each ministry program represents a unique opportunity to experience freedom from poverty. Give on the individual ministry page or follow the “Designate” button to select the program that speaks to your heart. Enter your gift in any amount and we will honor that gift by providing for the unique needs of that program.

*Limitations exist for programs in Africa. If you wish to designate a gift, please contact us.

With God’s help, every decision we make, every program we undertake, every single thing we do aims at freedom from poverty of body, mind, and spirit. How we reach that vision changes according to the culture and context in which we serve. Our ministry programs, spending, and future goals reflect that reality.

Consolidated Income
  • Donations include 58% recurring gifts.
  • Fundraisers include 100 Christmas Dollies, BibleWorks, and Sensible Shoes as well as pandemic relief.
  • Sales include handcrafts and curriculum.
  • Miscellaneous includes AmazonSmile, western-founded ministry programs hosted locally, and gifts from national churches.
Consolidated Expenses
  • Legal Admin and Operations include basic fixed expenses required for safe and legal operation in three countries such as audits, annual returns, work permits, and emergency medical evacuation insurance.
  • An increase in overall income would result in a decrease in the Legal Admin and Operations percentages.
  • The executive director does not receive a salary.

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