Kingdom Business

Kingdom Business

Christ-centered seminars help people living in majority-world countries start and grow a business using what God has given them.

POVERTY involves more than a lack of material things or money. Poverty involves a lack of dignity, a lack of control, and a lack of influence. Starting and growing a business using what God has given them to steward allows participants to experience FREEDOM from poverty of body, mind, and spirit. “As each of you has received a gift, us it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10).

Our KINGDOM BUSINESS seminars provide a spiritually integrated, culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, and economically beneficial business education for majority world church leaders and their community members. These sessions empower participants to WORSHIP God with their work, to provide for their family, and to have a kingdom impact.

Kingdom Business Programs

Kingdom Business Curriculum

Kingdom Business Seminars

Jerusalem Pentecostal Alliance
Junju, Kenya

International Berean Ministries
Kitindi, Congo

Bridge of Life Church
Amizi, Uganda

Jesus Gathering Centre
Mutoroni, Kenya

Imvipi Refugee Camp
Imvipi, Uganda

Christ Church International
Kitanyoni, Kenya

Life Source Church
Brethren, Inc.
Khayega, Kenya

Kilifi Pastors’ Fellowship
Kilifi, Kenya

Majohe Vineyard Church
Majohe, Tanzania

PEMA Church
Mjana Heri, Kenya

Katikara Community
Katikara, Uganda

Malindi Tourist Market
Malindi, Kenya

Abbana Ministries
Kampala, Uganda

Bridge of Life Church
Amizi, Uganda

PEFA Church
Gede, Kenya

Watamu Pastors’ Fellowship
Watamu, Kenya

Mekane Yesus
Dessie, Ethiopia

Hope for a Thousand Hills
Butare, Rwanda

Bujambula West Savings Group
Bujambula, Uganda

Euphrasia Women’s Center
Ngong Hills, Kenya

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