Product-specific business startup kits provide people living in majority-world countries with the Scripture, skill, and business knowledge needed for success.

In response to the shift away from financial aid as an approach to alleviating poverty—knowing now that poverty is so much more than a lack of material things—and toward the sustainable asset-based development model, Surprised by Hope created a selection of small business startup kits. These kits help people living in majority-world countries make and sell products useful to their own communities. Some kits address environmental issues, others maximize local resources, and still others meet a need for product alternatives. Sometimes a kit simply provides an outlet for salable creativity and beauty.

Creating opportunities to make and sell useful products allows people to worship God with their work (Genesis 2:15), provide for their family (1 Timothy 5:8), and have a kingdom impact (Galatians 6:2).

One small business. One small box.

We created a tool useful in helping western ministries move away from financial aid as an approach to alleviating poverty and toward the sustainable, asset-based development model. Your purchase or donation makes it possible to:

  • Train whole markets full of people, or train small targeted groups, in making a specific Business-in-a-Box product.
  • Study the Word of God guided by the included, product-relevant Bible lesson.
  • Facilitate abbreviated video-based Kingdom Business lessons tailored to the selected product.
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Both the helper and the helped benefit from Business-in-a-Box by holistically alleviating poverty with this self-sustaining model of missions and ministry. BRING a Business-in-a-Box to the majority-world people you serve or SEND a Business-in-a-Box to the people you love who live and serve in majority-world countries. In this way we can help alleviate poverty without unintentionally hurting the helper or the helped.

Who Can Use the Box?
  • Western churches and mission pastors
  • Missionary sending agencies
  • In-field missionaries
  • Short-term missionaries
  • Charities teaching skilled trades
  • Charities serving women’s groups
  • Child sponsorship organizations with aging out orphans
  • National trainers
  • National small business startups

We envision western church, mission, and charity leaders BRINGING boxes to their country of service and training small groups of people with the Scripture, skill, and select business lessons needed to mentor them to success.

We also envision western church, mission, and charity leaders SENDING boxes to the capable leaders in the majority world with whom they have a relationship and entrusting them with the training of others or with self startup.

What’s Inside the Box?
  • Print and video introduction to Surprised by Hope
  • Print and video introduction to Business-in-a-Box
  • Print and video product-making instructions
  • Reasonably packable, non-perishable tools and supplies
  • Print and video Bible study lesson
  • Select print and video Kingdom Business lessons specific to the selected Business-in-a-Box product, including participant worksheets
What’s Not Inside the Box?

So much goes into each Business-in-a-Box, more than you’ll never see. For example, we discuss product ideas with a targeted group of nationals to gauge their reaction to the product, its usefulness, and their likelihood of purchasing the finished product.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of testing and data collection goes into each Business-in-a-Box. We strive, as much as possible, to use locally available materials so that nationals can easily access additional materials and supplies. In so doing, we test and refine the process until we achieve the highest quality and most consistent results not only with our national test team, but also with the people most likely to use the Box. Walking in relationship with the people you serve as they learn how to maximize each Business-in-a-Box is the best part of what’s not in the box.

All our materials are written and recorded in the English language. We trust you to source accurate translation when needed. We’ve done our very best to make sure you and those you serve experience freedom from poverty of body, mind, and spirit through Kingdom Business and Business-in-a-Box products.

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