Business-in-a-Box Shop

Business-in-a-Box Shop

Product-specific business startup kits provide people living in majority-world countries with the Scripture, skill, and business knowledge needed for success.

Some Boxes address environmental issues, others maximize local resources, and still others meet a need for product alternatives. Sometimes a kit might simply provide an outlet for salable creativity and beauty. The uniqueness of each box and its contents makes choosing the Box that is right for you so much easier.

Select the box that meets the needs of beneficiaries and their potential customers in the community where you serve. Choose one that is suitable for the geographic region where beneficiaries live, and where raw materials are locally available (purchase locally whenever possible). Then bring the Box with you, or send it to your capable friends, and facilitate the Bible lesson, product-making lesson, and Kingdom Business lessons. Praise God as men and women experience freedom of poverty of body, mind, and spirit for themselves.

Visit the Business-in-a-Box ministry page to learn more about what’s inside the Box and what’s not.

Everything needed to make and sell paper charcoal is inside the box except the waste paper, water, and bucket.

Paper Charcoal

Price: $50.00
Shipping: $11.10 / box
Box Size: 8″ x 6″ x 3.5″

Paper charcoal makes it possible to fuel the stove for cooking while protecting the environment. These lightweight, clean, and easy-to-light pieces make use of recycled paper products and burn as long as wood charcoal. Clean up a trash site, empty waste cans at the cyber café or stationary shop, or collect discarded newspapers from business centers as a free source of waste paper. Waste water from mopping works as well as clean water from the bore hole or tap.

Try making charcoal using coconut or maize husks, sawdust, or other natural materials.

Solid lotion bars make it possible to enjoy pretty shapes, fragrant aromas, and vibrant colors that make women feel beautiful. These bars make use of three natural ingredients commonly found in countries around the world. This natural quality makes the bars a great choice for whole-body skincare especially in places where water is harsh and skin is dry.

Tailor solid lotion bars for the holidays, gift-giving events, salon facials, bug repellant, or sensitive skincare needs.

Solid Lotion Bars

Price $100.00
Shipping: $11.10 / box
Box Size: 12″ x 9″ x 4.5″

Everything needed to make and sell solid lotion bars is inside the box except perishable raw ingredients, a stove and charcoal (or some kind of cooker), and a small pot and water.

Coming Soon

Price: $TBD
Box Size: TBD

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